Good Morning Patriots!

Hope everyone had a great time off with their families! Here is to 2021!

Our next meeting will be held:

DATE/TIME: January 3, 2021 @1pm

PLACE: Rez Hill Grill

AGENDA: Affidavits, Local PD, Sheriff, Commissioners, Employee Rights, Schools etc. Come ready to put some work in! We have a lot of issues to cover and we need all hands-on deck!

I attended Peggy Hall’s Employee Right’s Seminar so I will be giving an update regarding that. We will start giving employees informational tools that will help them breathe freely and not get tested.

Short and sweet email for today but this Sunday will be PACKED with action items. We can no longer complain without taking action. The time is NOW!

Keep your head up friends! The road is hard and narrow, but it is worth it! It takes everyone to get things done and I am confident that we will SUCCEED!!

With A Heart Full of Gratitude,




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