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We have LOTS of updates in this email so settle in!

Durango Team, you will be receiving a separate email shortly (affidavits).

Meeting Re-Cap (1/3/2021)

1) This was more of a work session, going over the steps to complete Affidavits against those who are discriminating against you. If you would like to know how to do this, please let me know. The time is NOW to stop the madness with the schools, with the Town and County etc.

It is easier to concede than to fight. If you DO NOT fight, you WILL NEVER get your RIGHTS back. NEVER. Not unless you continue to FIGHT back!

2) We discussed the importance of NOT giving in to these tyrannical “rules”. NO Governor, NO Health Official, NO Council or Commissioner can tell you to shut down or how to run your business. ZERO! Orders, PHO’s, Edicts are NOT laws. Remember that.

3) We asked for volunteers to email Town Council to remove those dangerous signs they put on the edge of town that states “Welcome to Pagosa, Wear a mask”. These traffic signs should ONLY be used for traffic updates, not health behaviors! It goes against OSHA regulations not to mention it is providing medical advice. The more people we can get to email and demand them remove this, the better. Remember, they used $28k of taxpayer money to purchase those signs in the hopes it would be reimbursed with COVID funding (attached). If you would like to do this, I can provide a sample email and the email addresses to send to.

4) Religious Exemptions – please reach out to me if you would like information on this.

5) New publication to keep a lookout for – Libertyzone Free Press. There will be some new additions in the upcoming issue.

6) Durango Natural Grocers Demonstration Update – The Patriots who participated are filing affidavits.

7) Donations were received for the ADA cards that Jason so graciously took ownership of and printed out. We asked for a donation of $2 to cover printing costs and the hardware so that you can wear them. We will be printing off more to have at the next meeting. Remember, these are not legal forms. They are intended to EDUCATE others on your RIGHT to exercise your freedom to not wear a mask. You are protected by Federal Law. Keep the Notice of Discrimination with you at ALL TIMES!

8) Attachments provided in this email: Notice of Discrimination, COVID facts, Email from Walmart’s Executive Team, Town Council 12/17/2020 meeting minutes, Pagosa Springs COVID expense sheet, OSHA standards, Public Accommodation Definitions. I can provide more depending on your specific needs.

9) I am working on a group text app, putting together google drive access for all documents/links.

10) Take some time to read Shalene’s article regarding Better Ways to Respond to COVID


We all need some encouragement to know that our efforts are NOT in vain! Stay strong! The road is hard but it will be worth it! Freedom is WORTH IT!

  1. Governor Polis backed down and agreed that Churches are FREE to operate as they deem fit. The State has NO governing authority over Churches!
  2. Governor Newsome has yet again been told his ‘orders’ are unlawful – upheld by the State Supreme Court.
  3. New York gym owner who was FINED thousands for defying the lockdowns, WON in court! He is OPEN at FULL CAPACITY!
  4. Italian restaurant in CA has NEVER shut down and is still open to this day.
  5. FL Governor is demanding an investigation into the COVID numbers.
  6. Durango, CO Coroner is questioning COVID death certificates.
  7. Local Pagosa Business defied going to RED (Praise GOD) and has received NO citations or fines for doing so. Still open!

WE WILL WIN! They have NO standing in what they are doing and the more we fight back, the more momentum we will have! POWER IN NUMBERS!


Town Council Meeting

DATE: 1/5/2021 (TOMORROW)

TIME: 5pm


AGENDA: Town will be going over COVID and the 5-Star System for businesses.

(Attached previous meeting minutes. April Hessman recorded me incorrectly so I want to make sure to clear that up. The stats for Colorado hospitals were at 16% at the time of that call, NOT 60% that she recorded)

The 5-Star program is nothing more than a COMMUNIST agenda to dictate how you run your livelihood. BUSINESS friends, you DO NOT NEED TO COMPLETE THIS IN ORDER TO RUN YOUR BUSINESS. Let me repeat. YOU DO NOT NEED TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS COMMUNIST AGENDA! Some businesses in Durango have participated and they were denied going to yellow – which was the plan when the County went back to Orange. Why are we letting them dictate?!!

Call in to this meeting and let them know you will NOT STAND for this type of “leadership”. PLEASE raise your VOICES Patriots!

Archuleta County Commissioners Meeting

DATE: 1/5/2021 (TOMORROW)

TIME: 1:30PM

LOCATION: 398 Lewis Street

AGENDA: They do not have COVID on the agenda, but it never hurts to make them aware we are still watching what they are doing.

PEACEFUL Demonstration at Liane Jollons’ House

DATE: 1/14/2021

TIME: 12pm (Noon)

LOCATION: Will provide

AGENDA: To demonstrate that these tyrannical orders need to end and we do not support this. Mark your calendars! Bring your signs, your friends and share! More details to come soon. We are coordinating with our Durango friends. Pagosa friends, we do have carpooling available!


DATE: Tentatively 1/9/2021 (let me know if this date works asap so I can get the word out)

TIME: 12pm

LOCATION: Pagosa Downtown

Next Meeting

DATE: 1/10/2021

TIME: 12pm for new members    ** 1pm for our regular scheduled meeting **

LOCATION: Rez Hill Grill

AGENDA: Provide updates regarding responses you received from Town Council, Affidavit updates, T-Shirts, Donation transparency (Thank you to all those who have donated!).


*Legal expert to help with filling out legal forms and to assist me for a certain issue*

*Someone to assist with website design*

ACTION ITEMS: Let me know what responses you receive

  • Email Town Council to remove signs with covid messaging.
  • Email Sheriff Valdez to demand that he make a public announcement that he will be UPHOLDING our Constitutional Rights and will defend US against these unlawful orders.
  • Bombard San Juan Basin Health – We will NOT comply, they are NOT doctors, there is NO emergency, STOP testing, put them on notice for what they are violating.  ·         Get a hold of school Superintendents and Principals and demand they adhere to protecting your rights – they are damaging kids’ development – they are meddling with your child’s health – Education is suffering – violations they are committing – exemptions.
  • Employees exercise your RIGHTS not to wear face coverings – face shields – not to test etc. Put your Employers on notice. Perhaps a demonstration?!

Helpful Links:

Remember to file complaints EVERY time you are discriminated against! We need these agencies bombarded with complaints!

DOJ Complaints –

How your Civil Rights are Protected –

How to Bring a Religious Discrimination Lawsuit –

The Healthy American –

Constitutional Law Group –

None of this is possible without ALL OF YOU! Thank you for being involved and dedicating your time to fight this madness! Together we will do GREAT THINGS!

With Gratitude,

Bethany Cole







2020_1217_Town-Council- Minutes




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