Hello my dear friends!

I look forward to seeing you all this Sunday January 31st, at 1pm at Rez Hill Grill!
We have a few items to discuss but we will be mainly discussing the importance of filing affidavits. We have a friend who will be attending who will provide a little update on how, when and why to file affidavits. GREAT INFO!!! Bring a notepad to take notes!
To my friends who were involved in the Durango protests on January 14th and the 24th. Would you please join me at 12pm on Sunday so I may give an update on what has been happening since those demonstrations. IMPORTANT!
For those who still would like to sign the petition to remove the road signs with the COVID messaging, please text me at 847-445-5677. I am available this weekend to meet up or Sunday it will be available as well.
I want to ENCOURAGE you ALL to continue this fight! We must STAND FIRM and say NO to the tyranny! Things will continue to get worse if we do not take a stand. I know it is hard and intimidating but what is worse? Fighting this tyranny or losing our FREEDOMS?
No president can make a law.

In the flurry of executive orders being released, I want you to remember that these orders ONLY apply to the executive branch of government.

That means, unless YOU work for the executive branch of government, these orders do not apply to you.

NO president has any legitimate authority to tell you what to do, PERIOD.

And one who uses power without authority is called a tyrant.

Keep up the great work and THANK you for being a part of this! I cannot express enough how your talents and involvement have encouraged me to continue what I am doing. It sure takes a village and I am happy to do this with all of YOU!
With Gratitude,



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