Good Morning My Friends!

Sunday, February 7, 2021 will be our Affidavit workshop. If you would like to attend, please come prepared with a notepad, something to write with and your laptop. Jimmy will be showing us how to complete affidavits!
DATE: Sunday, February 7, 2021
TIME: 1pm
LOCATION: Rez Hill Grill
AGENDA: Jimmy will be taking us through the affidavit process specifically focusing on how to complete the first step in the process, Affidavit of Status. This will be our focus for this meeting.
Also, I encourage you ALL  to listen to this video of Sheriff Mack explaining that this is all hogwash and he KNOWS the Constitution! This is what every Sheriff should be doing and we need to hold unlawful Sheriffs accountable!
Watch the Video HERE!
His organization is Take a look!
I would also recommend everyone sign up for the Employee Rights Seminar with Peggy Hall. This has become an increasingly popular subject. Full of great information, definitely worth it!

Employee Rights

What can you do if they want you to get a test – or a shot?? This is Peggy’s BEST information, which covers your religious exemptions as well 3 hour online course here 

Stay FOCUSED my friends! Together we can defend our rights and freedoms! Time is of the essence! 

I appreciate all the prayers more than you know! 

With Gratitude, 




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