I first wanted to remind everyone of the San Juan Basin meeting TOMORROW! It is imperative that we attend this call. Liane has been acting like a Dictator. It must stop.

San Juan Basin Health

DATE: Thursday, February 25, 2021

TIME: 9am

LOCATIONZoom Link or call (312) 626-6799 and use Meeting ID: 853 8630 6127 with passcode: 597117

AGENDA: Read it HERE We need to voice our concerns about their overreach. It’s time to end this madness. They will be speaking about needing more funding from our County. We need to demand San Juan Basin Health’s removal from Archuleta County. They need to be held accountable for their actions. Some topics could include: Vaccine Genocide, Pandemic is over, violations of law, intimidation tactics etc. Make them sweat!

Email Addresses:

Liane Jollon – SJBH Executive Director

Alvin Schaaf – Archuleta County Commissioner

Marsha Porter-Norton – La Plata County Commissioner


Rhonda Webb – Pagosa Medical Center

I would add the following to the email as well (unsure of their exact emails but include their names)

Ann Bruzzese – President of the Board

Karin Daniels – Vice President

Bob Ledger – Immediate Past President

Shere Byrd – Member

Terryl Peterson – Treasurer


As you all know by now, I promised transparency. It is essential for our cause and essential to keep everyone informed. Today, I share with you what has been happening since the Durango Protest on 1/14/2021. The battle is real. The corruption is real. We must STAY STRONG and continue FIGHTING! The enemy wants nothing more than to discourage us and make us fail. We will NOT let that happen.

After we peacefully protested on 1/14/21, and after speaking with the Officers who interfered with our Right to Assemble but agreed we were breaking zero laws, we received a threatening letter from Chief Brammer – Durango Police Department (Attached). The Durango Herald posted an article on 1/21/21 which sparked fierce backlash on Facebook and a member of our group has received threatening letters to her home as well as a phone call. Once we saw the comments that people were leaving, we knew we had to address the situation. We could not back down from this suppression.

We hired an Attorney to send a letter (Attached) to Dirk Nelson, Durango’s City Attorney, addressing their false claims. Once the letter was sent on 2/18/21, we then forwarded the same letter to Liane Jollon, Chief Brammer, Durango Herald and the Pagosa Sun.

On 2/23/21 the Durango Herald reported on this story again, this time including our names. It was posted to Facebook and the death threats came a-rollin’ in. One made the comment “why aren’t the other protesters getting shot” and “So what if…people took pictures of the protestors and made them public? Names, addresses and jobs would pop up pretty fast. They wanna be famous!!“. There are a slew of others, but some have been taken down already but not before we got pictures as evidence.

Today, we reported these violent threats to the Durango Police Department, the Sheriff’s Department and the FBI. The Sheriff Department in Durango has taken the report, will go through the FB comments and file reports accordingly. They will also add a patrol car to make sure none of our houses get vandalized. The FBI is calling us back to get all of the details for this case.

We knew things would get crazy…and we knew that “tolerance” is one-sided nowadays. Now, more than ever, we need to SUPPORT each other and pray. Lots and lots of PRAYER. We need to pray that the truth will prevail faster than the evil we are seeing spread throughout our Country like wildfire. We see division and hate at the forefront of our day to day lives. It seems like it is getting harder and harder to escape evil lately.

It’s not “just a mask” or “just a test”. It’s about suppressing our Freedoms, our Rights. Our Forefathers are probably rolling over in their graves right now! We need to STAND UP! No more hiding behind the fear that has tried to dictate our lives for the past year. I for one, will NEVER back down, nor will I ever concede to this tyranny.

Who is with me!! It stops with us!

Thank you all for your support and prayer!

With Gratitude,







Sorry friends…looks like the last link to the San Juan Basin Health meeting agenda expired. Attached for your reference.

WIth Gratitude,




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