Good Morning Friends!

For those who have reached out expressing their desire to stand and show their support for our fellow friend, I wanted to send out an update for this morning.
Jimmy should be brought in front of a judge this morning. Let’s continue to pray that justice prevails! We know that he has been preparing for his own battles, while they aren’t about masking, we are a Community. We show each other brotherly love and support in situations like these.
For those who are planning on showing up at the Sheriff’s Office this morning, I ask a few things.
Remember this is to show our SUPPORT. This is not to create a scene, or be belligerent. We need to act honorably and peacefully. This is not to show up heated and to get into arguments. Any activity like that will be shut down immediately. Please help our cause.
This is to show SUPPORT.
If the Sheriff’s do ask for anyone to leave, please leave. We will not be doing any good if an altercation happens. We will not be doing any justice for Jimmy that way.
Remember what we are all about: We SUPPORT each other. We SHOW up for each other. We LIFT each other up.
With Gratitude,



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