I am once again blown away by the outpouring of support that showed up today for Jimmy! It went a long way and seeing our community come out, meant a lot. About 25 amazing friends showed up today!
Jimmy is still currently in jail. He was denied his request yesterday to get in front of a judge. The arresting agent is in violation of Title 18, US Code Section 242, Deprivation of Rights Under Color of Law. This also became a kidnapping charge when the Sheriff denied Jimmy due process of law.  Thanks to all of you, putting the pressure one, Richie said he is going to call the judge himself. WE THE PEOPLE are watching them!
We await an update regarding this.
Even though this is not a masking or criminal trespass charge (no car tags/insurance/current issue he has been working to resolve), we still need to stand up against the unlawful actions of our law enforcement. We are seeing our local officials take the side of lawlessness and we cannot stand for it. Thank you to those who have offered to look after his family while this issue is being worked out!
THANK YOU for showing up and showing love to our fellow brother. THIS is what comradery is all about! This is what Pagosa is all about! This is what WE are about!
Remember, Koli has his court date TOMORROW at 9am at Town Hall for his unlawful criminal trespass charge. We need to show him the same brotherly love and support! Unlawful actions have been taken against him and we won’t stand for that. If you are able to show up tomorrow morning in support, we discussed having people stand on the stairs directly in front of the Town Hall building. This will also be a peaceful, honorable display of support for Koli. We are all in this TOGETHER! Please let me know if you have any questions!
Working on getting a newsletter out to all with what was discussed yesterday…keep an eye out!
With Gratitude,



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