I am saddened to report that Jimmy is still being unlawfully detained as I write this email. Most of you know Jimmy – he has been essential in getting us up to date with affidavits.
Rich Valdez has thrice denied Jimmy’s request to see a judge. This is a violation of USC Title 18, Section 242 and a violation of the 14th Amendment.
Rich Valdez stated to us just after 3pm today that Jimmy was going to see a judge by 4pm. When I called for status this evening, I was told he was denied that request and that they have no idea when he will get to see one.
Sg. Hart (badge #191) informed me that they have not officially booked Jimmy. He said they “mostly” booked him. So now this is a kidnapping charge not to mention false imprisonment. Sg Hart stated that he was arrested for no tags on his vehicle and expired insurance. I replied with the fact that I have been pulled over for those exact issues before but it never led to an arrest. Sg Hart informed that that he would not have a philosophical debate with me. What? Sg. Hart ended up hanging up on me.
They told Jimmy that if he signed a piece of paper, they would let him out with no bail. Jimmy refused as I would have. Remember, he has not been booked!
Rich Valdez had stated this morning that this was all a misunderstanding that they would release Jimmy immediately. Yet, Jimmy is still being unlawfully detained.
They did this same thing to Koli! Unlawfully arrested him without a warrant and unlawfully detained him!
This blatant disregard to our Rights should OUTRAGE YOU!
WE NEED ALL HANDS ON DECK as there is great power in numbers!
Here is how YOU can help!
We will stand in support for Koli during his criminal trespass hearing on the steps directly in front of Town Hall while the hearing is in progress¬†@9am. Immediately following, we will head to the Sheriff’s department.
CALL the Detention Facility at 970-264-8474 and demand the release of Jimmy as he is being unlawfully detained.
CALL Richie Valdez and leave him a message demanding the release of Jimmy at 970-264-8433.
CALL Sheriff Mack 602-268-9268 and ask for his help! He goes after unconstitutional Sheriffs!
PRAY! Pray for Jimmy and pray for his family during this time.
GUYS. This affects each and every one of us. This past year has shown us that we need to stand TOGETHER and fight against the tyranny of these officials who are diligent on suppressing our freedoms.
We need to COME TOGETHER and stand against this – WE ARE THE PEOPLE. Let’s never lose sight of that!
With Gratitude,



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