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As we pass the one-year mark of the “two weeks to slow the spread” tag line, how are you feeling?

Can you relate to the many of us who have lost friends, family and even jobs over this?

We have all suffered in some way this past year and it is easy to say that 2020 was the worst year ever but I am incredibly thankful for all of you! We have become one big family and have grown together to fight against this madness. Thank you all for continuing to do this with me. I cannot do it without all of you!

Sunday Recap

We shared our experiences and what we are currently going through. I think it is important to share our experiences and struggles so we can encourage each other to stay strong. Truth always prevails!

– The Healthy & Wise website is almost complete. There are a few more details that need to be worked out, but thank you to Roger for heading that up!

– Koli gave an update regarding his criminal trespass case. Remember, he was unlawfully arrested for not taking medical advice from the owner at the UPS store. A free, breathing healthy individual gets arrested for not putting a muzzle on his face? This world has lost its mind.

He did share some GREAT news! The County had also charged him with Impersonation but that was dismissed! What a WIN! We fully believe it had everything to do with all of YOU showing up to support him at his court dates. His next court date is April 6, 2021. We need to show up once again to show support!

– Jimmy also provided an update for his cases as well. There are soo many details with his case but he is staying strong and continuing to fight this unlawfulness. Grateful for all your support as well!

– Lacy gave a great overview of how to keep our Immune System healthy to fight against viruses. Thank you Lacy! If you are interested in getting more information from Lacy, go and see her at Natural Grocers!

Archuleta County Health Department

Marybeth has been working closely with the Commissioners to help with their decision to pull out of San Juan Basin Health. This would be a great move for Archuleta County. Ronnie created this initiative a few years back but it died before going to a vote. They are now looking to join Silver Thread but Archuleta County really needs to create their own. They want to create a committee to help move this along so if you would like information regarding that, please reach out to Marybeth! Just in our group alone, we have a plethora of individuals that would make a great addition to this new health department.

We also need to be aware and call our Representatives to stop Colorado House Bill 21-1115. This bill proposes an Act that would disallow County Commissioners from sitting on the Board of Health. This means that a public health department would be less accountable to the public they serve. After 2020 and seeing how San Juan Basin Health became more of a dictatorship, we cannot allow this to pass. Archuleta would have no say in how they handle our public health if this goes through.

 Here is a sample letter Marybeth created. Send to our Representatives to STOP this bill!

  • This letter is for the purpose of opposing the current draft of House Bill
    21-1115 which would prohibit local elected officials serving as Commissioners
    on the BOCC from serving concurrently on the Board of Health.

The General Assembly has declared via 25-1-501 C.R.S that “each community in
Colorado should provide high-quality public health services regardless of its
location and that a strong public health infrastructure is a shared
responsibility requiring a coordinated effort among state and local agencies
to provide leadership for the provision” of such. Local officials such as
Commissioners are elected to serve their constituencies and are poised to
determine the needs of their unique communities and should not be hindered in
their decisions to appoint and influence public health entities. This
legislation would usurp existing local control of public health programs and

With the pandemic, it has come to light that local health boards and the
public health entities themselves have taken the authority to issue damaging
health mandates with no knowledge of the economic impact on individuals and
small businesses. Especially in smaller counties, there is the need to involve
elected Commissioners to review and provide input before mandates are put
forth. It’s important that Commissioners provide advice, give direction and
decide certain policy matters especially when it comes to spending. Health
Departments need to report to local authorities.

-Senator Cathy Kipp (D), sponsor of this bad idea:  phone
-Rep. Kyle Mullica (D), co-sponsor of this idea: phone 303-866-2931
-Senator Joann Ginal (D), co-sponsor:
phone 303-866-4841
-Senator Kevin Priola (R), co-sponsor:
-CO Senate Republicans:
-Senator Don Coram (R) House District 6 Rep:
phone 303-866-4884
-Rep Barbara McLachlan, House District 59:
phone 303-866-2914

Mark Your Calendars

YOU have been making a difference by calling in and by continuing to contact our Town and County officials. They are listening and things are starting to change! Even though the progress may not be fast, do not be discouraged and keep on the path!


Archuleta County Commissioner Meeting

DATE: Tuesday, April 6, 2021

TIME: 1pm

LOCATION: Join Zoom Meeting at pwd=dlFFV0J1cGVKa1NHWHFsa2taeGxtZz09 – Meeting ID 916 0904 8375 – Passcode 4141885

AGENDA: To be listed

Town of Pagosa Springs Council Meeting

DATE: Tuesday, April 6, 2021

TIME: 5pm


Join Zoom Meeting By Computer –

Dial by Phone – 1-669-900-6833 US – Meeting ID: 966 8335 7513

 AGENDA: To be listed

Regular Healthy & Wise Meeting

DATE: Sunday, March 28, 2021

TIME: 1pm

LOCATION: Best Western

Remember – No meeting April 4th!

Rick Martin – Constitutional Law Group

Rick Martin is still unlawfully imprisoned along with business owner Marlena. All for defying these tyrannical dictators! They are asking for your help to fight this by donating for his bail. They have drafted a writ of habeas corpus that was delivered on March 22, 2021 – still in progress.

Here is how you can help!

Go to and click on Notice and Demand. Complete this form and send it to the Department of Justice, Attorney General Merrick B. Garland (info on website).

You can also donate HERE

His bail is set at $7,500 and they are at $6,500 currently.

We the People Fire Governor Pritzker (IL)

We the People in Illinois have come together and served the IL Governor to fire him. YES We the People CAN do that!

Watch the video HERE

Colorado Launches New COVID-19 Dial

As of March 24, 2021, Colorado remains at level blue. San Juan Basin Health released this information:

  • Bars can now open under Level Blue without operating under the Restaurant requirements. The capacity limit is 25% capacity or 75 people, whichever is fewer.
  • Outdoor events in Level Blue no longer have state-level capacity restrictions under the dial. Counties may choose to implement capacity restrictions on outdoor events at the local level.
  • There is no longer a state limit on personal gathering sizes. The state will follow CDC’s guidance on personal gatherings. The CDC still strongly recommends avoiding larger gatherings and crowds to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Since when do we take our orders from a health department or governor? Business friends, remember that NO governor can tell you how to operate your business.

No governor, health official etc CANNOT make a law.

They CANNOT take your business from you without due process of law and compensation.

These are VOLUNTARY health requirements. Meaning, it is up to YOU to decide what you would like to do.

If you haven’t already, print off the attachments and ready yourself when government officials come knocking! Knowledge is power and knowing your Rights will protect you!

“I prefer liberty with danger than peace with slavery “ – Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Calling All Business Friends!

Kudos to all the Businesses here in Pagosa who have taken a stand against these restrictions, taking back what is theirs! I would like to put together a list to share with this group so they know where they will not be discriminated against.

Please let me know to add your business to this list! We want to show support and keep you thriving!

Keep up the great work!

As always friends, I am blown away by your continued support and dedication to salvage our rights. Fighting for what is right has never been easy but with a community as strong as ours, it makes it worth it!

With Gratitude,


Each donation received helps to provide the tools and research we all need to succeed and to help those in need. Grateful for each and every one of you!

Bethany Cole

PO Box 5976

Pagosa Springs, CO 81147




 **This group, Healthy & Wise, is here for support, resources and most importantly to educate you so that YOU are EMPOWERED with knowledge. We do not give out legal advice yet we focus on understanding our rights and the laws that protect them. This is about connecting!**

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