Happy Easter Weekend Friends!

I first wanted to remind everyone that there is NO meeting this Sunday. I would like you all to enjoy your families – whether that means getting outside or hosting a party! Enjoy this weekend and the sun!
A quick little update from me!
I am currently in California visiting my family and all I can say is WOW. WOW to the sheep I see walking around here with muzzles on their faces. I cannot tell you how many times someone sees me walking and crosses the road to get away from me. Isn’t their mask supposed to protect them from my smile?
This morning I went to a cute little nail place and it was wonderful. No issues, the lady was vaccinated (I know, I know) so she stopped wearing her mask and it was wonderful. Such a good conversation and lovely to see someone’s face!!
The next place I visited wasn’t so wonderful. I had an appointment and as soon as I walked in the Manager started screaming for me to put on a mask. Well, of course we went through all the steps that we have all gone over for the past few months but she was not giving up. She even asked to see our medical papers to prove we couldn’t wear a mask.
What did she violate by asking us that? Hmmmm?
She then stated that as a private business, she could ask me to leave.
What law was she not aware of when she made that statement? Hmmm??
I don’t know about you but my patience has been running thin. I am tired of seeing people so easily give up their heroically fought for Freedoms by complying with this nonsense! Of course I will be following up with the Owner to help educate her so she can protect herself from liability. She has asked for the information and I will kindly discuss with her about the laws her employees are violating.
Together we need to stay united, refusing to comply and to FIGHT to keep our Freedoms intact.
Can I get an Amen?!?
Friends, I am so grateful for you. I continue to fight because of you and for the ones before us. You keep me going so thank you for your support and prayers! Thank you for all the kind texts and emails! I do read them all and I try my very best to get back to everyone so thank you for your patience!
I will see you all on April 11th! Bring a friend and tell your Business friends to get on our Constitutionally Compliant list!
With Gratitude,



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