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Alright Folks! Let’s do a recap of Sunday’s meeting! It was full of information and new faces! Thank you to everyone who came! I cannot wait to get to know all of you!

This Sunday we will do a Meet & Greet with Boyd Neagle who is running for Sheriff. Please bring your questions for him. Remember, we want to get to know him during this time.

The Vaccine Seminar will directly follow this meet and greet so please feel free to stay! Lots of information to go through that you will not want to miss! We are asking for a $30 donation but please do not let this hinder you from coming and getting this knowledge. We want everyone to come!

Business Friends – I want to know if you have received a Liquor License Renewal. If you have, please forward!

Police Reform – perhaps we need to start thinking about contacting our Representatives and demand that each and every officer who takes an oath, complete a mandatory Constitutional class.

San Juan Basin Public Health Order – Their use of manipulated verbiage is outrageous. For example: “This order will be enforced by all appropriate legal means. Failure to comply with this order COULD result in penalties, including jail time, and fines, and non-complying business or individual may also be subject to discipline on a professional license based upon the applicable practice act.”

Uhmmm No. This is completely false.

First of all, there is NO law with any code associated with this unlawful order. No health department can make a law. No mayor can make a law. No governor can make a law. Any person who tries to enforce this is breaking multiple, well-established laws.

We have unfortunately seen the demise of our federal judicial system as well as they have stated that they are taking orders from the San Juan Basin Health Department. What!? My friends, we have some work to do! I have attached the laws these people are breaking on a daily basis (Co State & Federal Laws).

San Juan Basin Violation Report – Another example of manipulation. The title of this document is Public Health Order Violation Report and they use our taxpayer money to send a police officer to commit a Title 18 USC, Section 242 – Deprivation of Rights Under Color of Law and the Patriot Act of 2001 Section 802 – Definition of Domestic Terrorism.

I encourage you to ignore this unlawful report, because, as we jump to the 3rd paragraph we read “San Juan Basin Public Health and law enforcement in both counties ENCOURAGE VOLUNTARY COMPLIANCE”. Right there they admit that they cannot enforce anything. How can they enforce something that is VOLUNTARY?! Please arm yourself with the laws that protect you from this nonsense and do not be intimidated with their manipulative words.

People Who Administer Covid Vaccines ARE Liable – If they fail to obtain PROOF of informed consent by each and every person that has been vaccinated/inoculated. Now we know that vaccine manufacturers and their employees are exempt from any damages that may occur, but did you know that this immunity does NOT apply to healthcare workers, pharmacy employees, grocery store and discount store workers etc because they are NOT employees of the vaccine manufacturers.

Lack of consent exists when the recipient of the vaccine has not been informed of the risks to health and life and has not consented to receiving the vaccine despite being told of the risks.

The lack of consent is a violation of the HIPAA Act, Codified in the Code of Federal Regulations at 45 C.F.R. Part 160, Subparts C, D and E. If they daily to obtain a signed informed consent at the time of inoculation, they no longer have immunity and can be sued for various crimes and torts, including deliberate indifference and willful negligence and, attempted murder.

They can lose all of their assets including their homes, automobiles, investment holdings and personal property.

I would advise any of your medical friends that they are at risk because I am positive they were not told of these violations when they were told to administer this poison!

Archuleta County Health Department Committee – The Commissioners are trying to create a Committee to help them create our own health department here in Archuleta. If you are interested in helping with this, let me know and I can get you in contact with Marybeth.

Fort Lewis College – We need to be VERY proactive and get involved with Fort Lewis College requiring unauthorised covid shots as a requirement of admission this next semester. They cannot require a shot that is under the Emergency Use Act and has not been approved. Please let me know if this is an area that you would like to get involved in! April 27th at Fort Lewis they are hosting a round table with “doctors” who support this. GET TO THIS TOWN HALL!

ACE Hardware – People have asked for the Owners email – here it is. Feel free to help educate her on the laws she is in violation of and let’s help educate her how SHE is protected from adhering to this nonsense.

Mask WIN – The UK has seen their first mask WIN and the plaintiff was awarded $9,000. We will be seeing MORE and MORE of this! Just because it is not on mainstream media does not mean it is not happening! Stay positive and stay encouraged my friends!

1st Annual Earth Day Event

Come join us this Saturday at the Pagosa Lodge from 3-7pm! This is going to be an amazing event that supports the community, planetary consciousness and living healthy & free. The Healthy & Wise will be there so please come and have a great time! Music by the Retrocats! Let’s support our community!

Mark Your Calendars

Things are continuing to change for the better because YOU are taking the initiative to reach out to our public officials – keeping them accountable for their actions and to uphold their oaths! Keep up the great work!

San Juan Basin Health Board Meeting

DATE: Thursday, April 29, 2021

TIME: 9am


AGENDA: To be listed


Archuleta School Board Meeting

DATE: May 11, 2021

TIME: 6pm

Contact Information: please contact for more information on any of these meetings.

Robyn Bennett

970-264-2228 ext 5401.

We need to hold the schools accountable for what they are doing to our kids!

Regular Healthy & Wise Meeting

DATE: Sunday, April 25, 2021

TIME: 1pm

LOCATION: Pagosa Lodge

NEW FRIENDS! Please show up at 12pm to get caught up since we are having a meet & greet with Boyd for the meeting. Please spread the word!

Thank you for all of your wonderful emails and texts of encouragement! If you have not heard back from me yet, do not worry! I am getting to them all! 🙂 You ALL are important to me!

Live Free. Breathe Free!

With Gratitude,





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