I wanted to share this very comprehensive report by the Energetic Institute. They have been doing great work and have filed lawsuits against the CDC.

From 2-weeks To Flatten The Curve

by Dr. Henry Ealy 🙂
We Were Born Free…Let’s Make Sure It Stays That Way!
Everyone globally is in dire need of a timeout and a juice box. Especially the so-called ‘elite’ who think they have the right to plunge the entire world into complete dystopian chaos and profit in the process.
Remember when this started so long ago as ‘2-weeks to flatten the curve’ so hospitals don’t get overwhelmed?
This was the initial goal…don’t overwhelm the hospitals and then we go back to life as we previously enjoyed it while the people we elect to serve us figure out how to treat this now proven, man made infection.
It’s now been over 72 weeks and well over 33 Billion in taxpayer money has been misused to warp speed experimental gene therapy, use projection models instead of real data, propagandize the public into hysteria and fear, and now even send national guard door to door to let us all know in no uncertain terms we know who you are and where you live if you refuse to be a guinea pig.
All this for an infection with a confirmed 98.2% recovery rate across all age demographics, 99.6% recovery rate among all age demographics under 65, and 99.9% recovery rate in children under 18. (See Image Attached)
If you believe the accuracy of the death counts, which have proven to be fraudulent and will be discussed in more detail later, 79.8% of deaths have occurred in people over 65 years of age with 94+% also having on average at least 4.0 major pre-existing comorbid conditions prior to infection according to the CDC.
Let all of this sink in.
All of this has been for a man made infection that millions of people across all demographics have recovered from despite the insistence of the FDA and CDC that Ivermectin and Vitamin D don’t work and aren’t safe.
Does that sound like America to you? Does the military knocking on your door to push an experimental product with a horrific safety record for an infection you will recover from sound like a good use of our money?
Doesn’t to me.
Never mind that we know the experimental inoculations to be still in clinical trial.
Pfizer-BioNTech clinical trial is currently scheduled to end May 2, 2023.
Moderna-NIH clinical trial is currently scheduled to end October 27, 2022.
Johnson & Johnson (Janssen) clinical trial is currently scheduled to end January 2, 2023.
Never mind that at least 26 million Americans have recovered according to and no thanks to the CDC and therefore have a ‘robust antigen-specific, long-lived humoral immune response’ against all variants and therefore an injection would be all risk, no benefit for them.
Never mind that per CDC Data a 99.58% Recovery Rate has been confirmed from a sample size of over 23 million participants under 65 years of age.
Never mind that in California, Alameda & Santa Clara Counties have confirmed that death counts were inflated by 25% and 22% respectively on a soft preliminary audit alone.
Soft audits remove the most obvious errors such as a gunshot or car accident victim who test positive no longer being counted as a COVID caused death.
What we need (AND MUST DEMAND) is a full medical audit of each death certificate now that the CDC has confirmed for at least the 3rd time that over 94% of all death certificates had on average 4.0 comorbidities, “For over 5% of these deaths, COVID-19 was the only cause mentioned on the death certificate. For deaths with conditions or causes in addition to COVID-19, on average, there were 4.0 additional conditions or causes per death.”
This is something my research team made everyone aware of in October 2020 following thousands of hours of impartial investigation into how the CDC manipulated death certificate reporting rules exclusively for COVID in VIOLATION OF FEDERAL LAW (Administrative Procedures Act, Paperwork Reduction Act, Information Quality Act, and at least 13 Chapter 18 US Codes dealing with defrauding the American people) so they could literally count everything including gun shot and car accident victims to inflate the count and drive hysteria and fear.
But never mind any of that…EVERYONE MUST GET THE SHOT!!!!
Really? On What Scientific, Legal or Moral Basis?
We’ve been misled to believe that first ‘Treatments Don’t Exist’, then later that ‘Treatments Are Potentially Dangerous.’
Whoa…warp speed to the human experiment, but be afraid of sunlight and an organic carrot?
Really? More Dangerous Than This? (See Images As Well)
• Total Deaths Reported – 9,048 (+2,063 from Previous Week)
• Total Injuries Reported – 438,441 (+26,510 from Previous Week)
• Vaccine Breakthru Deaths – 988 (+109 from Previous Week)
• Vaccine Breakthru Hospitalizations – 4,909 (+482 from Previous Week)
• Total Vaccine Breakthru Samples Tested – CDC Does Not Publish
• Vaccine Breakthru Sample PCR Cycle Threshold – <28
• Unvaccinated Sample PCR Cycle Threshold – <40
• Deaths Within 0-2 Days of Injection – 3,453 (+757 From Previous Week)
• Spontaneous Miscarriages – 985 (+210 From Previous Week)
• Birth Defects – 239 (+34 From Previous Week)
• Deaths In Low Risk Ages (0 to 39) – 222 (+25 From Previous Week)
• Deaths In High Risk Ages (60 & Up) – 4,665 (+264 From Previous Week)
• People Hospitalized Post Inoculation – 26,818 (+3,561 From Previous Week)
• Emergency Room Visits – 56,915 (+2,374 From Previous Week)
• Life Threatening – 7,822 (+924 From Previous Week)
• Permanent Disability – 7,463 (+1,611 From Previous Week)
• Heart Attacks – 3,324 (+567 From Previous Week)
• Deaths From Heart Attacks – 1,083 (+252 From Previous Week)
• Heart Attacks 0 to 24 Age – 83 (+10 From Previous Week)
• Heart Attacks 25 to 50 Age – 577 (+55 From Previous Week)
• Heart Attacks 51 to 65 Age – 687 (+57 From Previous Week)
• Heart Attacks 66 to 80 Age – 891 (+77 From Previous Week)
• Heart Attacks 81+ Age – 407 (+78 From Previous Week)
• Myocarditis or Thrombocytopenia – 4,426 (+588 From Previous Week)
• Bell’s Palsy – 2,486 (+485 From Previous Week)
• Severe Allergic Reaction – 19,105 (+835 From Previous Week)
• Stroke/TIA – 5,495 (+1,110 From Previous Week)
Ivermectin, Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Zinc, Quercetin, HCQ, Doxycycline…all have literally HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS of doses administered and their COMBINED injury history over DECADES is FAR less than 1% of what the experimental COVID inoculations have accrued in just 7 months.
So, never mind that safe and effective treatments exist as detailed in this peer-reviewed paper my team published earlier this year.
Or the American Journal of Therapeutics confirmed recently here.
Never mind that these treatments have been known for the large part since at least April 2020 and have been wrongfully suppressed, discredited, censored and vilified by the media, the people we elected, and the people they appointed despite doctors from around the world seeing them work medical miracles right before our eyes.
Never mind that safe and effective treatments have been withheld from people in need before and that it was widely denounced…see Tuskegee Experiment and Belmont Report.
Never mind that we know the spike protein from the experimental COVID inoculations to be injurious to the cardiovascular system & cellular mitochondria at the very least.
Never mind that we know the spike protein from the experimental COVID inoculations to be injurious to the respiratory system and immune system at the very least.
Never mind that the INVENTOR of the mRNA technology is calling for a cease fire on this global human experimental crime against humanity. Of course he has now been banned on all major tech platforms…hmmm.
Never mind that we know now we have addition safe and effective treatments in Glutathione (NAC), L-Arginine, Lecithin Powder, Iodine, Dandelion Leaf….
Never mind that Glutathione Deficiency (along with Vitamin D, C, A, E, Zinc deficiencies) all have been positively linked to hospitalizations and deaths related to the SARS-CoV-2 infection.
Never mind that 94% of hospitalizations have come from people with severe underlying conditions (comorbidities)…meaning all of these people have been severely nutrient deficient for a very long time.
Rather than look at the empirical evidence…think logically…address the root cause…NUTRIENT DEFICIENCIES…
Well let’s see how that turned out for 19 year old Simone Scott, a promising college student with her whole life ahead of her, who died on Friday June 11, 2021 at 11:19am after a truly horrific series of medical incompetence following the experimental COVID inoculation that culminated in a failed heart transplant.
How bad was it for her family?
It was so bad that her family had to start a Go Fund Me page to get the money to pay for the failed procedure…a procedure Simone Scott never should have needed…because Simone Scott NEVER SHOULD OF HAD ACCESS TO THE EXPERIMENTAL PRODUCT BECAUSE SHE WAS NOT AT RISK FOR HOSPITALIZATION OR DEATH FROM THE INFECTION AND BECAUSE THE EXPERIMENTAL PRODUCTS ARE STILL IN CLINICAL TRIAL!!!!
But Black Lives Matter Right?
So What About Simone Scott?
She Didn’t Die Due To Police Brutality.
She Died Because of the WILLFUL MISCONDUCT of Elected and Appointed Officials in our government like Tony Fauci, who have consistently violated their oath of service to We The People, Our Constitution, and in doing so are guilty of the greatest dereliction of duty in human history.
So, our taxpayer dollars are going to support the lies of elected and appointed officials…to coerce hundreds of millions to take an experiment over a safe and effective and PROVEN treatments…and to now threaten citizens who are informed to get this potentially lethal injection rather than help families like Simone Scott’s who needed money for emergency procedures due to injuries induced by the shot…and even though we’ve had pauses on distribution due to safety concerns, and even though we’ve had emergency meetings over 1200 cases of myocarditis in teens, and even though at least 9,000 people have died in 7 months…
And Where’s the CDC investigation for Simone’s case?
Where’s the media outrage for a black life taken by misinformation?
Where are the protests in every city a la George Floyd?
Instead in every city it’s gone from 2-Week To Flatten The Curve to
So you can flatten me too?
No thanks…the last day anyone had right over another person’s body was June 19th, 1865…you know that new national holiday.
I am no slave and will never be.
I don’t have the right to wait until the clinical trials are completed and can review all of the long-term data to make my own decision?
Sounds like slavery to me.
I don’t have the right to simply get the infection, recover thanks to the peer-reviewed, evidence-based, real science, and go on about my life?
Sounds like slavery to me.
I don’t have the right to take my own risks?
Sounds like slavery to me.
Why Are ‘They’ Doing All This With OUR Money?
Perhaps, It’s because there’s no profit and control over me when I think and act for myself?
I’m Black. My Life Matters. Just Like All Lives.
But you know what matters more than even that?
Freedom Matters Above All.
I am a 6th generation FREE MAN.
My job is to make sure in my family line that there is a 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th…100th.
It’s time to correct the death count across the country.
It’s time to defund the CDC and FDA until regime change can be instituted in the HHS, FDA, CDC, NVSS so that the people in place honor their oaths and our Constitution.
It’s time to transparently investigate all of this fiasco and hold the criminals to the highest standards of our laws.
It’s time to draft and ratify amendments to the Bill of Rights that protect our right to decide what goes into and upon our bodies.
It’s time to reign in corrupt public health departments and their greedy corporate sponsors.
It’s time to repeal the Bayh-Dole Act that let’s people like Tony Fauci profit off of the destruction he’s created.
It’s time to repeal the Smith-Mundt Act that let’s propaganda be pushed out by the media with impunity.
It’s time to repeal the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act and make vaccine manufacturers pay the bills for any and all injuries rather than the American taxpayer.
It’s time to remember this is an human experiment…a failed human experiment…and under our laws it cannot be mandated or coerced. Less we become Nazi America.
Want to exercise your right to refuse?
It’s time to tell our would be oppressors that we know our rights and we will use them!
It’s time to tell our elected officials that they cannot continue to waste our money on things like door to door, highly pressurized, coercion campaigns.
Door to door coercion campaigns are EXACTLY what the Nazi’s did before they moved to concentration camps.
So now when I refuse the shot, are you going to stitch a good star on my jacket, tattoo my forearm, and put me into hard labor and even worse human experimentation?
Will the new gold star be a wrist band?
Will the new tattoo be a nano bot on the inside of my body?
Will the new experiment really just be a message to the ‘hesitant’, comply or die?
These are actions of an insane ruler and lunatic group of corrupt advisors, not the actions of a government of checks and balances that honors our Constitution and the individual rights of each citizen so that we can pursue happiness.
Freedom Matters Above All.
We Were Born Free…Let’s Make Sure It Stays That Way!
If you’d like to donate to support this continued work. Thank you for doing so here. https://www.flipcause.com/secure/cause_pdetails/MTA4NDg4
Check out the other reports by The Energetic Institute – Worth the Read – and options to TAKE ACTION!
With Gratitude,



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