Alright Friends!

We have some work to do! Let’s roll up our sleeves and get to work!


Folk Fest Folk Fest has announced that they will be asking for vaccination status in order to gain entry to the festival. Needless to say, this is unlawful. We need to reach out to them and ask if we will be denied entry if we do not comply.

Email Tami Graham at

I emailed and let her know that I was planning on attending and was not comfortable sharing my private health information with anyone other than my Doctor and would I be denied entry for not disclosing my personal information.

Reach out and get some clarity. We want this in writing.


Seeds of Learning – Dancing with the Stars – They are asking attendees prior to the event if they are vaccinated or not and plan on segregating individuals accordingly. This is unlawful!

Email Lynne Bridges, Executive Director at and ask her if they are going to 1. Deny entry if you do not disclose your personal health information and 2. Segregate based on medical status (which should be kept private!).

I cannot tell you how unlawful this is and if we do not stand up to it now and become vocal, they will continue to try and get away with this.


Archuleta County School Board – Dr. Kym has sent out guidance that they will be requiring all students to put a muzzle on while riding the bus per the guidance from the State.

Email Dr. Kym at and ask her if they will refuse bus service to children not wearing a mask.


I want to see the responses you receive!!


Thank you to those you have volunteered to help with the vaccination FOIA request!



Please rally and show up at 9am TOMORROW at the La Plata County Courthouse for Jimmy’s court date. The Judge has reinstituted the unlawful mask mandate which likely means they will deny Jimmy entry to his court date for not wearing a mask which could lead to another unlawful arrest.

We all need to come together and let them know this is unlawful and we will not stand for it!

See you tomorrow!


Picnic in the Park

Thank you to all who came! The rain held off and it was a beautiful event!

Thank you to The Buck Stops Here for providing the amazing burgers and to everyone who brought food to share!

I am so blessed and grateful for your love and support!


Videos from School Board Meeting

USJHSD Chairman of the Board Greg Schulte

School Board Comments


Religious/Medical Exemptions


Your rights are not null and void as a condition of employment.

There are remedies for you!

You do not have to quit and find another job!

We are here to help! You are not alone!

Learn how to file exemptions and stand firm!


Public Accommodations

I cannot believe we are still educating our government officials on what a public accommodation is!

Get familiar with your rights!

Public Accommodation+Criminal Trespass


Federal and State Laws that PROTECT YOU! 



Upcoming Meetings

Pagosa Springs Town Council

DATE: Thursday, August 19, 2021

TIME: 5pm


It is always good to be on these calls so you know what your local government is up to!


San Juan Basin Health Board Meeting

This one is important to attend!

Date: August 26, 2021



AGENDA: We need to ask them publicly to address the FOIA request confirming that there has been no isolation of SARS-Cov-2.


As always friends, I appreciate you all. I encourage you to stay positive! There are so many negative energies that continue to try and bring us down. Keep standing firm and know that we are in this together and we need to keep fighting!


With Gratitude,


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