Say it with me “I WILL NOT COMPLY”.

Putting a mask on to fly – compliance.

Putting a mask on to shop – compliance.

Taking a test as a condition of entry – compliance.

Compliance will not end tyranny.

I will never comply.

This stops when we say no.

How is it that we, a population of 333,442,503, are fearful of 535 government members?!? Let’s turn the tide!

C. S. Lewis quote: Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the  good...



You should never have to choose between your job and the shot!

We have had great success with getting these exemptions accommodated. Just had a recent medical exemption successfully accommodated.

You are already protected under Title VII from being discriminated against because of your religious beliefs.

No one can force you, coerce you, threaten you, intimidate or harass you into doing something that violates your religious beliefs. Do not let them bully you!

Read and get familiar with Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964

Invoke your right for accommodation. Remember, you already have a legal federal exemption.

If your employer puts you on unpaid leave or a voluntary resignation, this is retaliation by discrimination.

You can appeal their decision.

Do not succumb to these bullies. We can help!

Read through How to get your accommodation Approved and reach out for help!



It is time to get them out of the corrupt system that thinks they have jurisdiction over your children.

Get more information on Peggy Hall’s Freedom Learning HERE

It’s time to FREE them.

Next School Board Meeting

DATE: Tuesday, October 12, 2021
TIME: 6pm
LOCATION: Middle School – Lewis Street


If anyone is interested, Dr. Kym (Archuleta County School District Superintendent) will also be speaking on October 13th at The Den. Great time to go and ask her more questions and see how our local officials are going to uphold their commitments to this community.

Find more information HERE


San Juan Basin Health is looking for volunteer board members! This is another opportunity to get involved and make change! This would be a great place to start! This is their ad from the Pagosa Sun:

“GET INVOLVED IN YOUR COMMUNITY! San Juan Basin Public Health invites community members to apply to serve on the SJBPH Board of Health. The Board of Health Appointments Committee will choose a member of the public who lives in Archuleta or La Plata County and has education, experience, or a combination of both in finance or a public health discipline. Board membership is a volunteer position. Board members serve five-year, staggered terms. For complete details about the position and how to submit a letter of interest and resume, please visit Deadline is October 15, 2021.”


A great resource for Early Covid Treatment –  


Upcoming Meetings: 

Pagosa Springs Parks & Recreation Board Meeting

DATE: Thursday, October 14, 2021
TIME: 5:30pm
LOCATION: Community Center
AGENDA: Need to address the revision of the parks contracts. A park does NOT become public once it is rented.

Pagosa Springs Town Council

DATE: Thursday, October 21, 2021
TIME: 5pm
LOCATION: Town Hall – Upstairs

Archuleta County Commissioners

DATE: Tuesday, October 19, 2021
TIME: 1:30pm
LOCATION: Commissioner Building – Lewis Street


Jimmy’s Court Date

DATE: Wednesday, October 20, 2021
TIME: 9am
LOCATION: La Plata County Courthouse

Koli’s Court Date

DATE: Tuesday, October 19. 2021
TIME: 9am
LOCATION: Pagosa Springs Town Hall


Friends of The Healthy & Wise meet every Saturday morning at 10am to drive through Town – showing off their American Freedoms! If you would like to join them, they meet in the Walmart parking lot.

**Please do not bring any political flags or signs** This is about standing up for Freedom!


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**This group, Healthy & Wise LLC, is here for support, resources and most importantly to educate you so that YOU are EMPOWERED with knowledge. We do not give out legal advice yet we focus on understanding our rights and the laws that protect them. This is about connecting!**


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