Whoa. I cannot believe how fast this year has flown by. Are we seriously in the last week of 2021?

It took a lot of courage this past year, hasn’t it, to make a stand against this unprecedented tyranny the government has tried to impose on us. The news headlines don’t show the enormous amount of individuals who are rising up, awakening to take action.

Trust me, it IS happening.

People ARE pushing back.

We are seeing their narrative crumble right before our eyes.

Biden Tell Governors “No Federal Solution”

We should all know by now that the President has ZERO authority to make a law or enforce unconstitutional ‘mandates’.

We know that OSHA has zero authority to make law – they only enforce the law – and there is ZERO laws that support the unconstitutional actions of the government, local or above.

After a year and a half of sharing real time data with you, we are now seeing them finally admit that cloth masks are none other than just a facial decoration.

“Cloth masks are little more than facial decorations”

Keep the faith, the courage, the tenacity to keep going! 

You keep me inspired and encourage me to continue forward.


Goal for 2022

My goal for this upcoming year is to continue to educate, provide resources and encourage others to stand in the truth. We need to continue to overcome the fear of upsetting individuals for standing up for the truth and the Constitution. When it comes to standing up for freedom, we must not be afraid. We must not take for granted what our Forefathers worked so hard to put in place for us. I hope you take this goal with me and stand together!


Upcoming Meetings: 

It is so VERY important to get involved at the local level. I have been saying this on repeat for over a year now and now it seems that the Pagosa Sun has listened and agrees with me! They are encouraging the community to get involved locally and get on local boards! Let’s fill those empty seats and make positive changes here in this community!


TONIGHT – Upper San Juan Health Service District (Pagosa Medical Center)
TIME: 5:30pm
LOCATION: Pagosa Springs Medical Center board room, 95 S. Pagosa Blvd., or Zoom: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/85395501309, meeting ID: 853 9550 1309


The Healthy & Wise

DATE: Monday, January 3, 2022
TIME: 6pm
LOCATION: Restoration Church

Please come prepared with your action items.


Town of Pagosa Springs

DATE: Tuesday, January 4, 2022
TIME: 5pm
LOCATION: Town Hall – Upstairs

During the last meeting we saw the Town Council unanimously vote to extend the Town Attorneys contract. If you have been following the events over this past year, you will understand that Pagosa is in dire need of any Attorney who will uphold the law with integrity.


Archuleta County Commissioners

DATE: Tuesday, January 4, 2022
TIME: 8:30am (Work Session)  1:30pm (Regular meeting)
LOCATION: Commissioner Building Lewis Street

What are your thoughts about an inexperienced individual receiving the top pay tier to become County Administrator? How do you feel about Derek Woodman receiving a six month severance from the Sheriff’s department? Something smells fishy and unethical to me!


Archuleta School Board – Special Meeting

DATE: Tuesday, January 4, 2022
TIME: 5:30pm
LOCATION: Middle School – Lewis Street



  1. The Community Center hosts San Juan Basin Health every Thursday to administer the shot. A peaceful demonstration to educate those coming in is a good way to get information out.
  2. Pick a community meeting and attend. Knowledge of what is happening in your community is power.




You may know Greg from the band The RetroCats. He has been in the hospital since 11/11 and our friends from the New Thought Center are hosting a Music Concert Benefit.

Here are the details!


As always Friends, I am grateful for all of you and all of the support you give me each and every day! I look forward to what 2022 will bring!

With Gratitude,


The Healthy & Wise LLC


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