So, what comes next after the Supreme Court decision which upheld the stay against OSHA’s emergency temporary standard (ETS) on the ‘vid’ shots and testing?

This now goes back to the Sixth Circuit Court to continue litigation. I do expect them to take into account the Supreme Courts per curiam (Courts Ruling/Opinion). The stay will remain in place during this time and even if it goes back to the Supreme Court on appeal.

In the history of OSHA, there have been 9 emergency temporary standards introduced, 6 were challenged and only 1 was upheld in full. None were as broad as this one, as stated in the ruling.

In response, we have seen employers withdraw their unlawful requirements and States have finally pushed back against the federal government. Now, this ruling does leave room for OSHA to come back with a modified rule. Keep a look out for that!

Your medical and religious exemptions have NEVER gone away. Look at the information I have sent out and get those accommodations in. These accommodations cover the shot, the test and the suffocation device. Have them PROVE you are sick!

Remember this hierarchy:


The lower you get, the LESS power they have. Yes, the State has MORE power than the federal government as delegated by the PEOPLE.


Archuleta County – Need for Substitute Teachers

Way to go Healthy & Wise(rs)! By speaking up regarding the immediate need of substitute teachers, there have been email blasts, posts on social media and individuals who have applied to become subs!

To qualify for a 1-year substitute authorization, you must hold a high school diploma or its equivalent, have a current fingerprint-based criminal history report/background check on file with CDE and attest to having successful experience working with children. Ideal for anyone recent college graduates, career-changers and anyone interested in serving their communities and its students! You are also eligible to receive a $300 stipend! For more information, please visit Colorado Department of Education.

This is how a Community rises up!


Jr. Heroes Program – Promoted by San Juan Public Health

Thank you to everyone who came and spoke at the Board meeting. Your voices are being heard and we are making a difference! We must continue to demand accountability and the removal of this program altogether from this County! This further proves that we need to remove San Juan Basin Health from this County.

If you are still unfamiliar with this program, you can research it here – Jr. Heroes Challenge

Taken directly from their advertisement:

No one knows how to speak to your peers better than you! This project aims to share scientific, trustworthy information about COVID-19 and the COVID-19 vaccines, address misinformation, and encourage dialogue. Explore the intersection of science and art to promote community health!

Participants will receive a $100 gift card as an incentive for participation. Teams of 3 or more will receive a maximum of $300 total in gift cards.

Excuse me. What? 

Definition of 18 U.S.C. 2422 HUMAN TRAFFICKING – “… the threat or use of force, fraud, or COERCION to obtain commercial sex acts, labor, or other services”.

I wanted to share a piece that our friend Rachel Suh has written regarding this challenge. It depicts just how far these entities will go to push a narrative while suppressing any alternative views. HD Contest Controversy+By Rachel Suh


****San Juan Basin has their monthly meeting next Thursday, January 27th at 9am. Be on that call****


Change Start Locally

It is very important to make positive change at the local levels. This is where we will see results and can make much needed changes to the current system. I urge you to be part of the change in this community (and where you are!).

In Archuleta County there is 1 seat open for County Commissioner. Currently there are two vying for this seat.

The Town of Pagosa Springs has 4 open seats on Council, including the mayor spot. Only 1 current Council-member has submitted a packet for that position. Packets for these seats are due Monday, January 24th. 

Ponder this question:

How will someone uphold your rights if we have seen them so freely give up theirs the past 24 months?


Upcoming Local Meetings
**This information will be moving to the website**
The Healthy & Wise
DATE: January 24, 2022
TIME: 6pm
LOCATION: Restoration Church
Archuleta County Republican Women’s
DATE: Wednesday, January 26, 2022
TIME: 12 Noon
LOCATION: Beny’s (Old Sushi Fusion)

San Juan Basin Health
DATE: Thursday, January 27, 2022
TIME: 9:00 AM

Archuleta County Commissioners
DATE: Tuesday, February 1, 2022
TIME: 1:30 pm
LOCATION: IN PERSON – they have suppressed public comment via zoom

Archuleta School Board
DATE:  Tuesday, February 8, 2022
TIME: 6:00 PM
LOCATION: Middle School
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If you or someone you know needs understanding on their accommodation rights, employer/business rights or questions on how to start your very own freedom group locally, contact Bethany at I am here to help YOU!

“We have it in our power to begin the world over again.” – Thomas Paine


Keep fighting. Keep spreading the TRUTH!


With Gratitude,


The Healthy & Wise LLC


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