Come join us THIS Friday at the La Plata County Spring Social where we will thank Jerry Martinez for standing up to San Juan Basin Health the last two years.

The last two years have been difficult for Jerry and his Family (as many others) as he has had to endure tyranny from dictator Liane Jollon and San Juan Basin Health. He stood up and fought not only for his freedom but for others as well.

Please join us Friday, say hi to Jerry and  his Family and mingle!



Don’t These Important Local Meetings 

Archuleta County Commissioners Work Session @8:30am and Regular Session @1:30pm on Tuesday, May 17th. 

Pagosa Springs Town Council meeting @5pm on Thursday, May 19th. 

San Juan Basin Public Health monthly meeting @9am on Thursday, May 26th. 

It is so very important to STAY involved at your local level.



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In Case You Missed It

1. The shot is associated with a 25% jump in heart problems – MIT study

2. British scientific journal Nature

3. Pfizer released more documentation – Pfizer Documents

4. Uncovering the Germ Theory Lies 

5. San Juan Basin Public Health (CO) Moves towards a break – up with Archuleta County



 Ways to get involved locally! 

  • Inspire others to ditch that muzzle and BREATHE FREE!
  • Keep a watch on what is happening in your General Assembly!
  • Get involved with local elections – change starts on a LOCAL level.
  • Show up to your local Town and County meetings – I hope to start seeing MORE of you at these meetings!
  • Share information from The Healthy & Wise with others!
  • Become a Freedom Learning Specialist – Education outside the box – Freedom Learning
  • Inspire others on their rights and the laws that protect them! TheHealthy&Wise+Welcome Cards


EXCITING things are coming from The Healthy & Wise so keep a lookout!

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Thank you to all those who have blessed me and supported the research I am doing for all of you! 


“The advancement and diffusion of knowledge is the only guardian of true liberty” – James Madison


With Gratitude,

Bethany Cole

The Healthy & Wise LLC

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