Driving or Flying – What has your experience been? 

I want to hear from you!

Have you been flying the skies internationally? What was required of you in order to board a plane to enter the U.S. again? Did you have to show proof of the nasal assault? How did you have to “prove” you weren’t sick?

According to Homeland Security, none of these “protective” measures apply if you are coming in via a ferry or land ports – ‘COVID-19 testing is not required to enter the United States via a land port of entry or ferry terminal‘.

Has anyone driven back to the United States from Canada or Mexico lately? What was your experience? What documentation did you have to provide in order to enter your home Country?  Do you feel things are relaxing a bit or becoming more restrictive?

Aren’t they nice (insert sarcasm here) by providing exemptions from the nasal assault? “Exemptions may be granted on an extremely limited basis when emergency travel (like an emergency medical evacuation) must occur to preserve someone’s life, health against a serious danger, or physical safety and testing cannot be completed before travel“.

I still have not flown the “friendly” skies and I have no plans to. Flying is one of the things I miss the most but I am uncertain about the pilot’s health nowadays. I don’t want to be up in the air and a pilot has a heart attack…who knows when I will get back up there.

Let me know what your story is!



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