Have you been seeing the recent headlines “requires masks indoors”?

Nellis Air Force Base requires our military to suffocate themselves again – Nellis Requires the Muzzle

We see Grand Teton implementing this again – Due to High Levels

The CDC states that 67% of americans should be wearing the muzzle in public indoor spaces Or Considering it

Has anyone stopped to think why? Why the high levels of…what exactly? Why are people still testing?

“Let’s test to see if I’m sick today” has got to be the most ridiculous thing I still hear on a daily basis.

Are you prepared for the next time they try to implement the muzzle where you are? Are you armed and ready to say NO?

Stay diligent my friends. Say no. Be confident in your Rights and the laws that protect them.

You can start by taking this course! I have learned so much from this course…easy to understand!



JOIN ME for a VERY SPECIAL Archuleta County Commissioners meeting @1:30pm on Tuesday, June 21st. Meet me outside of the Commissioners building. You won’t want to miss it!

It is so very important to STAY involved at your local level.


In Case You Missed It

  1. Missouri Governor signs new bill – Shielding Doctors prescribing ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine
  2. Dictator Brandon lifts the nasal assault for travelers Nasal Swab
  3. What is happening with all these shots? Shots Causing Clots
  4. How do you set boundaries? Listen to Peggy’s great suggestions! What I do and Don’t Talk About
  5. Uncovering the Germ Theory Lies 


 Ways to get involved locally! Shout out to all those who are working so hard to make positive changes out there! 

  • Inspire others to ditch that muzzle and BREATHE FREE!
  • Keep a watch on what is happening in your General Assembly!
  • Get involved with local elections – change starts on a LOCAL level.
  • Show up to your local Town and County meetings – I hope to start seeing MORE of you at these meetings!
  • Share information from The Healthy & Wise with others!
  • Become a Freedom Learning Specialist – Education outside the box – Freedom Learning
  • Inspire others on their rights and the laws that protect them! TheHealthy&Wise+Welcome Cards



A Benefit for Healthy & Wise!

Come join me July 7, 2022 to have some fun and to support the efforts of The Healthy & Wise so I can continue bringing you information and providing resources!

Bring a lawn chair and picnic and come ready to have some fun! I cannot wait to see you all there! Everyone is invited!

New merch will arrive just in time for this awesome event!







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Thank you to all those who have blessed me and supported the research I am doing for all of you! 


“If, to please the people, we offer what ourselves disapprove, how can we afterwards defend our work? Let us raise a standard to which the wise and honest can repair. The event is in the hand of God” – George Washington


With Gratitude,

Bethany Cole

The Healthy & Wise LLC

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