The spirit of the age continues to get reprimanded. We are seeing more and more non-compliance and pushback against these unlawful edicts.

Losing steam indeed!

Los Angeles County just back-peddled on their power trip to try and reinstate the unlawful muzzle requirement. They received over 920 pages of individuals saying ‘NO’!

Colorado has a history of following what California does (as many other blue states) so this is a huge step in the right direction.

As you may notice, I never use the word “mandate” and I encourage you all to STOP using this verbiage. It does not exist.

No Governor can make law.

No President can make law.

No local Official can make law.

No Health Department can make law.

If we continue to use the spirit of the age’s verbiage, we continue to give in to their false narrative. That gives them power that is not theirs.

We must also stop using the word COVID. It does not exist (FOIA Requests). It is just another attempt to control you with FEAR.

“Where there is fear, there is power” – Starhawk

If we are stopping ourselves from standing up to this hogwash, we must ask ourselves WHY?

Are we afraid of offending someone by speaking the truth?

Do we find ourselves compromising our own integrity so we don’t hurt someone’s feelings?

Are you worried about your image?

Let’s continue to stand in TRUTH. We must keep educating and encouraging others to take a stand against this hogwash! Together we can make positive waves of change!


Religious Accommodations

We are seeing a “new” FDA approved poison called Novovax pop up stating that it does not have the MRNA sequence in it.

This is causing quite the stir if your religious exemption request was based on the ingredients.

Are you experiencing any pushback from your employer?

When I consult with individuals regarding their accommodation requests, I advise to leave the science out of it. It should be based solely on your sincerely held beliefs. The moment you bring science into it, it opens you up to a situation where your employer is going to come back to you and say, well now you can get the Novovax!

If you would like to know just how to do this, reach out to me and I can help guide you through the process.



Last week I had the honor of interviewing Pastor Langley with Christ Community Church in Zion, IL. If you all remember, he was one of the pastors who stood up to Governor Pritzker and said NO! We will not comply by shutting our doors – AND WON!

I had also shared two of the blogs he wrote, “We’re Not Romans 13 Absolutists” (April 17) and “Honor the King”. Two powerful pieces.

Keep an eye out for this amazing interview dropping soon!


Upcoming Meetings

Archuleta County @1:30pm on Tuesday, August 2nd.

Town of Pagosa Springs @5pm on Tuesday, August 2nd.

It is so very important to STAY involved at your local level.



August 7, 2022 @12pm (Location TBD)



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Ways to get involved locally! Shout out to all those who are working so hard to make positive changes out there! 

  • Inspire others to ditch that muzzle and BREATHE FREE!
  • Keep a watch on what is happening in your General Assembly!
  • Get involved with local elections – change starts on a LOCAL level.
  • Show up to your local Town and County meetings – I hope to start seeing MORE of you at these meetings!
  • Share and PROMOTE information from The Healthy & Wise with others!
  • Become a Freedom Learning Specialist – Education outside the box – Freedom Learning
  • Inspire others on their rights and the laws that protect them! TheHealthy&Wise+Welcome Cards



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Thank you to all those who have blessed me and supported the research I am doing for all of you! 



With Gratitude,

Bethany Cole

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