There is a very dangerous precedent being set that goes against and even dismisses the very foundation […]
I have vowed never to comply. I hope you stand with me! Stand as a PROUD, […]   This has increased but information that should be shared far and wide!   With […]
Don’t ask for them, invoke them! If you are being asked as an employee to submit […]
Hello Friends! Let’s reiterate some things! No President has authority over your own body, health and […]
Happy Labor Day Friends! I hope you all are enjoying this beautiful day with your families. […]
Friends, I encourage you stop believing the headlines! We have all seen the news article that […]
Good Morning Friends! I thank you all for keeping up the fight! You guys have been […]
Hello my fellow Healthy & Wise Friends! Thank you for all of your support and continuing […]
Alright Friends! We have some work to do! Let’s roll up our sleeves and get to […]