Hello Friends! Have you seen the new PhoneyPox “emergency” that the governors of CA and IL […]
The spirit of the age continues to get reprimanded. We are seeing more and more non-compliance […]
SO NICE TO SEE YOU ALL! It was nice to see my fellow Healthy & Wise(rs) […]
Anyone else catch Lying Fauci on the news today admitting that the poison does not “overly […]

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend celebrating our Nation’s Independence. I loved seeing the Red, […]
This weekend we celebrate our Country’s independence and our FREEDOM. I am grateful I am celebrating […]
If the last few days have proven anything, it is the fact that everyone should take […]
Why A PMA – Private Membership Association – and why is Healthy & Wise creating one?  […]
Have you been seeing the recent headlines “requires masks indoors”? Nellis Air Force Base requires our […]
Recent news came out about the President now saying that we do not need to PROVE […]