Friends! This needs to be shared far and wide! We need to spread the word! Hold […]
ALL HANDS ON DECK! The Archuleta County Commissioners will be presenting the Resolution I have been […]
School Board Meeting TONIGHT Friends! Join us tonight at 6PM – Middle School – 309 Lewis […]
Are we really still questioning the legality of the government shutting businesses down? Are we really […]
Hey Friends! Monday meetings are at 6pm located at Restoration Church. Thank you to those who […]
Why are we still even questioning if they can tell you what to put in your […]
Hey Friends! Quick update! They moved Koli’s court date to 1:30pm TODAY! Thank you to all […]
Knock, Knock…Who’s At The Door?! YOU are the only one who has complete authority over your […]
I want to start this newsletter with The Declaration of Independence. It is important to read […]
Hello Friends! This is your reminder that we have moved to Restoration Church for our Monday […]