Bethany Cole

The Healthy & Wise


Bethany Cole founded The Healthy & Wise to inspire others to know their rights, keep their businesses open and to empower them to take action and fight back against tyranny. We promote freedom and truth.

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“I want to Live Free and Breathe Free!”

By inspiring others to take action and by providing my research, hundreds of The Healthy & Wise(rs) have taken action and these are the awesome results!

*Archuleta County Commissioners signed a Resolution which Reaffirmed their Constitutional duties and their commitment to protect our freedoms

*Mask Mandate was not instituted in Archuleta County, CO

*Criminal Trespass charges were not implemented in Archuleta County, CO

*We got the Town of Pagosa Springs, CO to drop their unlawful state of emergency

*We were able to remove the portable signage with Covid messaging

*Natural Grocers removed their unlawful policy that only allowed muzzled people to enter