I am thankful to all of you who have supported me and have encouraged me to […]
A little break from the normal newsletter (do not fear! It is still on the way!) […]
WOW! What a party it was on Saturday! It was a great time to be had […]
What is a ‘mandate’? Definition of ‘mandate’ – Black’s Law Dictionary 11th Edition  “Roman & Civil […]
Do you feel like giving up lately? That this scam has become too big to defeat? […]
We are UNITING together by being defiant – – Defiance NOT Compliance! The Declaration of Independence […]
***NEW*** Conditional Acceptance Letter + Template +THAW You can use this form if your employer/school is […]
Say it with me “I WILL NOT COMPLY”. Putting a mask on to fly – compliance. […]
Good Morning Friends! WOW! So much is going on it almost seems like it is too […]
There is a very dangerous precedent being set that goes against and even dismisses the very foundation […]