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Have I told you lately that I appreciate you!?

Every email with support and encouragement keeps me going.

It takes a lot to continue this journey but I will never comply.

I will never give in.

There are those who are not willing to keep going.

Those who talk the talk but when it comes down to it, will give in.

I will keep fighting.

I hope you will too.

Evil will be exposed and truth will prevail.

Keep sharing this knowledge with others and suffocate the covid fear!


Federal Law Prohibits Employers from Requiring the Covid Shot

This Covid injection has only been authorized for Emergency Use only. What does this mean? It means that the FDA has not APPROVED this vaccine and once the “emergency” goes away, so does this shot.

This is how they are manipulating the verbiage to make you think it has been approved! The lies and manipulation go deep!

Employers CANNOT force you to take this shot as a requirement of your employment. Federal law provides that at least until the shot has been licensed, individuals must have the option to accept or decline to be injected.

Per their specific EUAs, these are investigational vaccines that are not licensed for any indication. They are also instructed to state that these products have not been approved or licensed by the FDA. I don’t know about you, but I don’t see that verbiage on the promotional materials I see going out.

The clinical trial for Pfizer/Biotech and Moderna shots are ongoing for two more years to determine the effectiveness of this shot. (

Yes, we are in the human trials now without your consent and without compensation.

If you have an employer who is trying to make this a condition of your employment, they will be in violation of these laws (and more) 21 U.S. Code 360bbb-3, Authorization for medical products for use in emergencies and 18 U.S. Code 1590 Human Trafficking.

State laws also prohibit retaliation against employees who refuse to participate in this clinical trial. Any organization that requires this shot in violation of these state and federal laws open themselves up for lawsuits.

Family Financial Disclosure Form for COVID-19 InjectionsThis is a great resource that will help protect you from vaccine injury. It also includes links to important vaccine information.

Vaccine Exemption Form (Religious Reasons): A lot of us are dealing with the threats of a forced covid shot. Here is a form that you can complete and file.

Vaccination Notice of Liability: This is a liability acceptance form between the vaccine provider and the vaccinated party.

Notice – Refusal of Vaccine For Cause: Yes, you can refuse this shot!

Dr. Judy Mikovitz speaks to Dr. Mercola –

*As always, I encourage you to share this information but I do ask that you keep the integrity intact. Lot’s of time goes into preparing this information for you all so I appreciate referencing where the information comes from. Thank you! 

Business Friends!

Let’s continue taking a stand against government tyranny and make a statement!

Please keep the emails coming as we need YOUR Business to be added to a Constitutionally Compliant Business List.

We want to SUPPORT you!

We want to give you money!

We want to enjoy your goods!

You have probably been told that if you do not adhere to the policy of making your employees and customers wear masks, that you will lose your business license.

You ARE NOT at risk for losing your business license. There is no law that requires you to follow these “requirements”.

Guidelines are just that, guidelines, and they are not enforceable by law.

Laws are the only thing that are enforceable. What laws are you breaking by not forcing medical interventions on your employees and customers? What laws are you breaking for not enforcing social distancing?

Things that are not laws: guidelines, rules, directions, measures, orders and policies. Since they are not laws, you do not have to follow them. This applies to executive orders as well. Executive orders apply to members of the government, NOT to private businesses like yours!

Let’s stay Pagosa Strong and support each other!


I am excited that The Healthy and Wise website is close to being finished!

If you have any Pagosa scenic photos to share, we are looking for a few to add to the webpage. Send your nature photos and a photo of someone smiling!

This website will give you the opportunity to stay up to date in real time with the happenings here in Pagosa and what this group is currently engaged in.

Once the site is ready, we will provide a tutorial to show you all the fancy features!

We are also diligently working on new material for everyone so stay tuned for that!

Action Items

It has been a bit since I have posted an action item but we need to continue to stay on top of our local officials! We cannot back down now as we start to see things “easing” up. Do not be fooled by the news, there still is deep evil working right before our eyes.

Everyone can contribute in their own unique ways. Perhaps you like to send emails. Maybe some of you like to make phone calls. Some of you may like to get out there, face to face. We need ALL OF YOU to continue to make waves for the greater good! As always, I am blown away by your diligence!

Some ways you can help!

Spread the Word: We know that there is power in numbers, we have seen this first hand! Let’s continue to invite our friends and family so that they can also be educated and empowered to take action!

San Juan Basin Health: We need a few individuals to contact Liane Jollon (Executive Director of San Juan Basin Health) with information of the laws she is in violation of, the fraud of the vaccine shots, the fraud regarding the masks and their promotional lies.

Town of Pagosa Springs: Continue to email Town Council and the County Commissioners about the signs they still have up at the end of town – giving out unlicensed medical advice. We need to inform them of the laws they are breaking by having that sign up and to suggest that they should put “SUPPORT LOCAL BUSINESSES” instead of “wear a mask”. That would help the community a lot more than telling people to suffocate themselves.

Also, continue to think of a Sheriff alternative. We have elections coming up soon and we are desperately in need of someone who will have no issues standing up for our Rights and the Constitution. Let’s keep in mind that upholding the Constitution is part of their Oath of Office and once someone proves that they are not adhering to that, we deserve to replace them with someone who will. Start networking!

Mark Your Calendars

YOU have been making a difference by calling in and by continuing to contact our Town and County officials. They are listening and things are starting to change! Even though the progress may not be fast, do not be discouraged and keep on the path!

Meet Congresswoman Lauren Boebert THIS WEDNESDAY!

She will be at the Break Room Brewing Company at 2:30pm. Give her the scoop of what is happening here!

Archuleta County Commissioner Meeting

DATE: Tuesday, April 6, 2021

TIME: 1pm

LOCATION: Join Zoom Meeting at pwd=dlFFV0J1cGVKa1NHWHFsa2taeGxtZz09 – Meeting ID 916 0904 8375 – Passcode 4141885

AGENDA: To be listed

Town of Pagosa Springs Council Meeting

DATE: Tuesday, April 6, 2021

TIME: 5pm


Join Zoom Meeting By Computer –

Dial by Phone – 1-669-900-6833 US – Meeting ID: 966 8335 7513

 AGENDA: To be listed

Regular Healthy & Wise Meeting

Remember, there is NO meeting Sunday, April 4, 2021. Happy Easter!!

Next meeting will be:

DATE: Sunday, April 11, 2021

TIME: 1pm

LOCATION: Best Western

Live Free. Breathe Free!

With Gratitude,









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 **This group, Healthy & Wise, is here for support, resources and most importantly to educate you so that YOU are EMPOWERED with knowledge. We do not give out legal advice yet we focus on understanding our rights and the laws that protect them. This is about connecting!**



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